Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dating is so hard!

As a single person I have seen dating evolve in such a way that it leaves me scratching my head, baffled to say the least. 

I remember back in the day (not that I'm that old) you would meet people by mutual friends, blind dates, meeting at a store or gas station, or hells even the clubs. But now the thing to do (if you're my age) is online dating. Any body who still goes to the clubs at my age just looks like a creeper. Just saying!

At my age most people are married and have the "Perfect life", with the 2.5 kids, a cat and a dog, a nice big house with the white picket fence. But for those of us who don't have that we gotta try new things.

Online dating is funny to me. Man on these websites are hilarious. They all say the same thing, how they all want a honest, faithful, drama free woman. And depending on where you live they will all have the same hobbies. These man are not all  bad looking but they all have one thing in common. They all want a "Trophy Wife" or an "Easy Lay". To the guys who are looking for "Trophy Wife" all I can say is your on the wrong websites. You don't go looking for a "Trophy Wife" on a free dating site.

On my profile, on these online dating websites (Yes I'm on more then 1 website), I'm honest about myself. That includes my age, my appearance, my wants, dislikes and so on. I'm an extremely drama free person due to the fact that I live about 3thousands miles away from my family. Don't lie on anything because eventually they will figure it out. I try not judge any of guys by their looks because at the end looks fade away, but I do need feel some type of attraction. I'm also honest about having a child. Wouldn't want to date guy who isn't okay with me having a kid. And let me just put this out there for all you single ladies you don't have to settle on the first guy who says hello to you on these websites. For the most part, most of the guys on these website want is a good lay. If I see guy on these websites that I like I will send them a message say "Hi" or "Hello". You may ask "that's it"? I do that because I want to see if they can start a conversation with me. Sometimes I will ask them about something I read on their profile. If a guy can start a conversation with me from "Hi" or "Hello" that to me means that the guy is smart and may have a chance with me. So for you fellas reading this is maybe a chance to get an inside look on what some woman want and are looking for. At my age I would more then just looks. I want someone smart who I can hold a conversation with. There's nothing worse then having a conversation with some who doesn't even understand what you are saying because they feel like you're using big words. Now I'm not saying that I'm some book worm or some smarty pants but I do have some knowledge and good conversation with might just get you lucky. Just saying... Also this only applies to me, not every woman.

Now for the fellas. Guys if you're not interested please don't be rude all you have to due is not answer. But if you do reply, please reply in a nice way that you're not interested. You can just simply say "Not Interested". Trust me when I say we get it. I had once sent a message to a to a guy who I was interested and I knew I wasn't his type a message and he was really rude. I messaged him about his tattoo's and he automatically thought I was trying hit on him. I know when a guy is out of my league but fellas don't be assholes about it. Sometimes I message guys because I like something about their profile. Maybe you have cute dog, a nice tattoo, a cute kid. Just because I message you doesn't mean I'm interested in you in that way. Sometimes I message you because I think we can be good friends.

And for all the single fellas and ladies who may be reading this, you don't have to be on just one website. Try as many as you can get on. Just remember that the free one you may not get good results. Where as the ones that you have pay for you may get better results. I'm on the free ones because well as I am a single mother I have to save my pretty pennies for my kid's needs. Be open to the people you talk to, be honest about what you want and are looking for in your potential other half. But most importantly be honest with yourself on what you want. You may think you ready to date but in reality your not.

Anywho that's my insight on this online dating. God! Who knew dating would became so hard! I sure as hell didn't.

Hope you guys are enjoying my posts and as my friends say to me Happy Hunting! HAHAHAHA!!!!  

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