Monday, February 23, 2015

Double Standards!!!

I have the hardest time with double standards. I feel like people are sucking the air out of me when people decide to throw the double standard card up. Hells I hate when I use it on my kid. I feel that the rules apply to both sexes. Don't they?

Here's my frustration with it. I have lots of examples on this particular subject. here's my first example:

 I cuss like nobody's business. I may even curse more then a damn sailor. I have no filter because I don't feel like I should. I also don't expect for people to have a filter when expressing themselves. I hate the fact that society has said "Its okay for a man to curse like a sailor, but god forbid for a woman to speak like that.". Seriously you guys have no idea how much that gets under my skin. People may say "Well what kind of an example are you giving your child if you speak that way?". So only woman are parents? Is that it? Man don't have any effect on their children? Wow!
And let's be honest people, do you parents honestly believe that your child/children do not use those words/ language? Who's the naive one in this scenario? I can see young kids like any where from 5th graders and under, not using that kind of language. And that's pushing the age limit for me. But any child who is in middle school or higher, they are using bad language and alot of it. I know because I have a 14yr old and I know for a fact she cusses. Do I get upset about it? Not really, she's my kid for Christ sakes. What I do expect from her is to show respect to her teacher and not use that kind of language in front of then. And I will be honest I think I would be mortified if I ever find out that she cussed out one of her teachers. Knock on wood she hasn't done that yet but a part of me is always waiting for that phone call. LOL! But if I'm being honest I would love her not to use that kind of language only because now as an adult I'm learning that it can get you in trouble.

Another double standard is the whole sex thing. How is it possible that a man can have sex with let throw a number of 10thousand woman and he be considered the man of the year? A pimp as they like to claim themselves to be. Yet a woman is whore, a C@#t (I don't feel comfortable saying this word unless I'm about to cut a bitch.)for sleeping with that many man. Why is that? I feel like that's so unfair. Now please don't go around thinking I'm some sex addict and I'm having all kinds of sex with random people because thats not case.  All I'm saying is that if both sexes are having that much sex you are whores, but hey thats okay because at the end of the day if it makes you happy thats all that matters. I'm not judging and its NOT our business. Now if you want to tell us about your adventures thats on you and you shouldn't get upset when people react a certain way. Now I personally don't have any particular reaction or say on this only because I have known both male and females who have been escorts, and are still in the business. And yes I have called them a whore as a joke not being mean. I always make sure to tell them to be careful as well. It's kinda like woman who are strippers. Hey you want to take your clothes for money, for college money,or just because you have nothing better to do. Then by all means do it just watch yourself and be careful. Like Missy Elliots song says "Ain't no shame, ladies do your thang just make sure you ahead of the game." Like I've said before I hate double standards where they only single out woman.

They're some many more examples of double standards out there but these two are my top 2.

So for the general public STOP with double  standards!!! We are equals for Christ sakes.

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