Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hello Everyone!

My name is Adrianne and I'm a 35yr old single mom to a wonderful 13 (soon to be 14yr old) daughter. I decide to start this blog because I feel like people steroetype single moms.

I'm proud to be a single mom. I've never been married. My daughter is everything to me. I think its funny how society still stereotypes people.

For example:

I have tattoos and piercings and I get all kinds of looks from people. I hear them say things like "Look at her, how does she expect to find a job looking like that?". So in return I ask 'What makes you think I don't have a job?''. Of course by then they don't say any else and they usually have a sour puss face and walk away. My favorite is when people see me and just assume I've been to jail, because I have tattoos.

Another example is:

I'm a single mom who has never been married has had maybe 2 serious relationship my whole life. I'm no skinny minnie and dont try to mold myself to societies perfect woman. With that said I would like to add that no I'm not like some 300lbs person either. I'm a lil curvey (No I'm not giving my exact weight) but I will say I could stand to lose some weight. I'm so sick and tired to hear people ask me the same questions like "How do you expect to find a man?" or my favorite "You're not getting any younger, shouldn't you try to loss weight to get a man, any man?"

First of all I shouldn't have to settle for any man just because I'm not a size 0 or because I look a certain way. I want single moms who have gone or are going thru this to know you're not alone.

So with that said I just want to say that really this blog is for me to share my expriences with those who want hear them. No subject is taboo for me. I'm opened to just about all subjects, including my daughter. I'm sure there will be times when I will ask for advice. So if you got some please do share with the rest of us. I don't want people to be negective. You as a reader may not agree with me and that's okay, as long as you respect my thoughts. You can comment if you want but be respectfull and I will respect your thoughts and opinions as well.

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