Tuesday, February 10, 2015

To all my Single People,

So where are all my single parents or single people? Ever go on a blind date and wonder "Where did I go wrong?", or "How did I end up here?".

Well that's exactly what happened to me this past weekend. I want to say I got catfished but the truth is I wasn't. I was given false advertising. I didn't get catfished what I did get was hoodwinked.
I try not to judge anyone by their appearance but most of us have certain things we like. Maybe we can over look them if the person is genuine. Now I'm not saying that I'm like some drop dead gorgeous woman because I'm not. What I will say about myself is I have great personality. I know what your thinking oh god she's ugly but in all honesty I'm descent looking with a great personality. Sure I can stand to lose weight, but I'm up front and honest when I meet people about my looks.

As a single parent I don't have much time to go to clubs and meet guys. Aside from the fact I'm to old and meeting someone at a club really won't end with a happy story ending. Maybe a good lay but no real romance. And the chances of meeting Mr. Right at the grocery store are slim to none. So I'm trying online dating, which is kinda scary. I hear all kinds of horror stories which make me think twice, but I have decide to give it a try. I will not say what dating site I'm using but I will say its a free one. I have met some nice guys and some rude guys.

Like I have mentioned already I went on semi-date this past weekend. You may ask what is a semi-date? We met in a public place (The public place being his work) making it a semi-date because he had work that night. Which I was glad because I dint know what kind of person he might have been. He did not look anything like his picture. That's where the false advertising comes into play. The picture he used on the website was one of him about 10yrs ago. So imagine my surprise when I met him. The man looked like he had just rolled out bed. I know he was going to work after we met but he could have tried to look clean. Here's the thing we all have something we notice when we meet people. It can be the person eyes, hands, legs, hells the persons butt. Well the first thing I notice is a persons teeth. I use to be a DA (Dental Assistant) so of course I'm going to course I'm going to look at his teeth. My god it looked like he forgot to brush his teeth for like a week. Now I'm not trying to be mean because not. First impressions are important to me. We had somewhat descent conversation but I felt like we didn't have much in common. He seems like a very nice guy who I would rather be friends with. I did make him aware that I was dating other people and that I wasn't looking for anything serious. I wasn't lying about that, because the truth of it all is that right now I'm just trying to figure out who I am and what I want in a man.

Like I have said before I have only had 2 serious relationships. I didn't date much when my child was younger because well I was always to busy taking care of her that I really didn't have much time to date. Aside from the fact my situation was different then what it is now. Now I'm not saying that I didn't have my adventures and get my needs met, because I did. But now my daughter is growing up and pretty soon (in 4 years) she will be leaving to go to college. I have pretty much giving up my life her, and I have enjoyed every minute of it but now its time for me to find my happy ending.

The one thing I have learned from this date is that I need to go on every date with an open mind. To ask for a recent picture before meeting. And most importantly always meet in a public place (which I did).

Can't wait to for my next online dating adventure. :)

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